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About Crystal Detail

Crystal Detail consists of one detailer at present who has been involved with car valeting for many years and within the last 8 years has become very passionate about detailing, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction and always go that extra step to ensure no corners are cut in order to provide you with the best possible service and finish on your vehicle.

Paintwork correction is carried out carefully using rotary and dual action polishers in order to remove swirls marks and defects from your paintwork and prior to any correction work paint depth readings are taken over all panels on the vehicle to ensure there is a safe level of paint available should any medium to aggressive correction work be needed.

We are always happy to offer advice on what products to use in order to keep your pride and joy looking at its best and we always look forward to a challenge and are able to provide accurate estimates for jobs to be carried out over the phone or via email and we can also tailor our work to your specific requirements.