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Some examples of the work we carry out

The most common type of defects are swirl marks, hard water marks and scratches. Below are some typical examples of these kind of defects seen under halogen lamps.

After correction & polishing only

Below are examples of areas half way through correction to highlight the difference between the corrected and un-corrected areas

Oxidation is also another problem that can occur on panels that have been subject to a lot of UV rays, and below is a BMW roof that had quite severe oxidation and on the right is the roof after correction.

Another familiar defect is buffer trails & holograms and these are usually inflicted by body shops not fully breaking down the polishing compound when polishing and not following up with a less abrrasive polish to refine the finish.

The picture below shows some buffer trails left by a body shop on a BMW bonnet and the test area that was polished to highlight the corrected areas against the un-corrected

below is an example of deeper scratches that have gone further than the cleacoat into the primer and metal. These scratches needed to be wet sanded and some needed to be filled with touch up paint.